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istory of Bredeneek Castle.
Bredeneek Castle still has the charm of the 18th century. Today the interior represents  the same style that it has been in former times. Let's make a little tour through history.

The Castle is filled with memories and testimonies from the turn of the century around 1900.

In 1830, the Hamburg tradesman Conrad Hinrich Donner decided to built Bredeneek Castle.

His grandson, married to Countess Bodild Holstein-Holsteinborg, 1898-1902, extended the property to its present form.

Because of its ambitious neo-classical architecture it soon was called "Schloss Bredeneek (Bredeneek Castle)" a name still used today. In former times horse breeding with 400 horses was domiciled on the Castle and 50 employees worked on the property.

After 100 years of eventful history, the property was renovated in last minute and saved for the future.

Since November 2004, the Castle is owned privately by the family Paustian. Since this time the Castle was largely restored. Further work is still underway.

Bredeneek Castle is now open to the public.

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